LUSTACO Engineering

We use specialist engineering technologies and computational analysis in combination with hi-tech production technologies and materials to provide project implementation and unique product manufacturing. The realization of products and projects starts with initial designs, engineering, computational solutions and analyses, electronics and software solutions and ends with provision of all the necessary technologies, production processes, assemblies and installations.


    We create Art & Digital Design, Sketches, Styling studies, Renderings, Animations and Visualizations.


    We have the knowledge in Project Management, Product & Mechanical Engineering, Lightning & Optical Engineering, CAE & CFD Engineering, advanced Simulations & Analyses, Lightweight Construction, Electronic and Software Engineering, 3D Measuring, Scanning and Reverse Engineering.


    We provide 3D Printing Metal and Plastic parts, Plastic molds, Thermoforming, High & Low pressure die casting and performance with Composites material. We utilize CNC machining – turning & milling, CNC Cutting – leaser & waterjet, CNC bending. Welding with all known MIC/MAG, WIG, TIG. Additive manufacturing - EMB, DML, LTD, MDLS, FMD, SLS.


    For realization of final products we perform all the phases from Prototyping, Piece Production to Customized up to Series Production.

    Complex Engineering Solution


    From idea to realization...

    ...through state of the art engineering and technology solutions...

    ...up to the final products