LUSTACO Lighting

We specialize in representative and unique design of lights and complex lighting projects. Lighting products and projects are implemented from initial ideas and design solutions, engineering and technological solutions, to electronics and software solutions including controllers and lighting accessories. We secure realization of complex projects including customized products manufacturing. Except for the lights and lighting accessories business, we offer calculations and analyses comparing energy consumption and saving. We use visualizations, specialized computational lighting analyses and video visualizations in order to provide realistic views and expectations about the look of the lights and complete projects in reality.


    Except of own store of luminaires, we realize lighting projects focused on innovative products, individual and customized solutions with unique design.


    In this the segment we offer complex lighting applications all administrative and commercial buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals, houses and apartments and others.


    For this area we offer lighting applications for every outdoor spaces, outside places, lighting of facades, gardens and parks, complex of swimming pools, advertising spaces and billboards and others.


    In these areas of industrial lighting we offer lighting applications all commercial and business centers, manufacturing and storage facilities, hospitals, schools, billboards, sport halls and sports fields, stadiums, buildings, tunnels, airports, petrol stations, garages and other plants demanding for lighting.


    For street lighting we offer lighting applications for speed and all roads, suburbs, streets, squares, parks, parking, pedestrian crossings and other public spaces.

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    LUSTACO Luminaires

    Design and produce our own luminaires

    LUSTACO Electrocnics

    We use the state of the art technology

    LUSTACO Controllers

    Prefer unique design solutions